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or ABC™ for short, is a technique focused strongly on finding what the body can't fix on its own, correcting it and allowing the body to do the rest.


sports injury

If one looks at bodies around you when walking down the street, you will see all shapes and sizes. You will notice that, the older people get, the more they tend to get stooped over and stuck forward. The body deteriorates, some more than others...why?

In order to understand how we can help you, below are the basic premises of our approach.

  1. The body is able to heal and self correct injuries, and other assaults on the physical body. If you have stubbed your toe, you will have noticed the body healing. Toe nail blackening, then falling off and being replaced by a fresh, new nail.

  2. Your body cannot heal and fix everything on its own, broken bones sometimes need to be set, antibiotics need to be taken to fight off infection. There is a limit to the capacity of healing and it does sometimes need outside intervention to be rectified.

  3. The focus of ABC™ is to only find what the body CANNOT fix on its own and correct it. This allows the body to then heal and get well.

  4. Correct alignment of the body (posture) is important in preventing undue pressure on the joints, muscles and nerves and allowing healing and optimal function.

As bodies go through time, bones get pushed in directions they can't correct on their own, by large trauma like car accidents or falls, but also through the mundane like poor desk setups, bad sofas and long haul flights. The body does the best it can by compensating away. Using the stubbed big toe as an example, you don't put pressure through it the same as if it were whole, you change your mechanics to take stress away from the area.

This compensating happens over and over and over again, compensation over compensation, over compensation.

This leads to a twisted up posture, with poor alignment, stiffness and pressure through joints, muscles and nerves.


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