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Are you Creating, Degenerating or Regenerating? Some self-evident laws

Someone once told me, “you are either growing or you are falling behind”. This was a comment made about business, that either you are innovating or you will succumb to those that are. This remains true, in my experience. If you take the foot off the accelerator your progress stops and the natural friction of the world overcomes the business, project or health that you have. A great example is those of us that are in the cycle of weight gain and loss. So long as the motivation is there, the person will keep the weight off, or keep losing the weight. What tends to happen is the person then either gets bored and “tries” to just maintain the weight they have. Before long the weight is back on and the process starts again. The reasons for this, I believe, is there is no evolution or next goal or target. If the weight loss turned into, a 10km running race or something that draws that person to a higher level. They tend to stagnate and degenerate into old habits or pick up some other ones.

The title of this article comes from my observation of the human body over the last decade and the people that inhabit them. The body is created in the very first instance when two cells come together and divide over and over again over 9 months to form 1.25e+12 Cells (that’s a lot of cells), the devine wisdom organises these cells into a baby. Still blows me away thinking about this. Children, on the whole are healthy and vibrant, yet even at this point the next two words from the header come into play. If that child is mistreated-physically, chemically or emotionally, they will start degenerating from this early phase of there life and grow away from their optimum. The thing is when you grow, you actually create new cells, but are they a little bit better than the last set or are the a little worse. The Physical, Emotional and Chemical(PEC) environmental factors affects the body and if it is a Ustress (positive stress), the child will get more vibrant and grow further and further toward their full potential. If they are experiencing Distress, this dims their potential and they start degenerating and move away from optimum.

They great thing about the body is that if you start applying the right things to it with consistency (this is key) it will reboot and start regenerating. It starts to rebuild and rejuvenate. Its no different to some of the areas of London, like Brixton, that were down and out and run down. With sustained effort and interest in the area it is now a melting pot of culture, food and nightlife, it is now an affluent area.

The most important point from this post, is this: You are always creating, every moment of every day, the thing is recognising is it Degenerative creation or Regenerative. If you can take a moment every day to observe what you are doing, you will be amazed at where you will be in a 12 weeks or even more profound, a few years. Time passes quickly, act now, improve by 1% a day and you will live a life of astounding proportion.

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