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New Beginnings

Have you set some New Year's Resolutions or are you looking for new beginnings in some aspects of your life?

Achieving goals isn't always easy so i've written below to help you along your way, this post will cover:

  • How to start new beginnings

  • My tips for goal setting

  • How we can help you achieve goals.

Many people enter the New Year with fantastic goals and resolutions often surrounding health. Whether it be physical transformations or an overall health kickstart, the team at Spine can certainly help you achieve whatever goals you may have set going into the New Year.

New Beginnings

With new beginnings comes an abundance of opportunities, whether it's a new beginning in something you are an expert in or something very unfamiliar to you. No matter how much we already know, we still have so much to learn.

As human beings we are afraid to make mistakes or get things wrong, but in every mistake there's an opportunity to start again and learn from it. The great news is there also doesn't have to be a right or wrong way to start again. We are all on our own journey and new beginnings will only open our minds and create opportunities for us.

Understanding this will give you the confidence in yourself to start again or learn something new, thus allowing you to flourish more and more with each new start.

How to set goals

In the past I was not great at achieving goals and I soon realised it was my inability to set them properly or I was trying to achieve goals that actually did not matter to me as much as I thought they did. So these are my top tips I have learned along the way and found to be most useful:

Set a Specific goal that you want to achieve.

Firstly don't get sucked into what everyone else is doing or set goals you think you have to do, choose something you want to do. I found I had a lot more time and energy for what I wanted to achieve thus these goals were my priority. Don’t choose something ambiguous or broad like ‘I want to get into better shape’, set specific targets like ‘I want to lose 5kgs’ this makes your target a lot clearer.

Accept and embrace failure.

I have never been great with failure, I am very competitive and I want to be perfect at things. The more I have learned to accept that I will fail the more I feel I have opened up to learning new things and to learn from my failures. It has given me confidence to start again or learn something new. No matter how much we know or how good we are, we will come across failures. Accept them, failure is feedback.

Understand WHY you want to achieve this goal.

There is a why behind almost everything we want to do. When you understand the why, the intention becomes a lot clearer. This will make the journey more enjoyable and bring passion and motivation to what you are doing along the way.

Change is a process.

As I’ve said before, there is no right or wrong way of achieving goals. You are on your own journey, you will encounter different success and different failure to others. In doing so you have the chance to teach others or learn from others, just remember to enjoy the process. Keep growing and keep shining.

How the team at Spine can help you!

Some people find themselves in a slump (figuratively or literally) or suddenly realise their bodies are getting in the way of their goals. This is often seen as ‘normal’ and people often say “this is all I’ve got to work with.” This doesn't have to be the case, there's an opportunity to give your body a ‘fresh start’ too.

Shift your body away from pain and dysfunction, give it the opportunity to heal and enjoy a body that moves well, has more energy and takes away the stress of not being able to enjoy doing the things you love.

Over the last two years times have no doubt been tough and it’s not been easy to put ourselves first. Give yourself that opportunity. Start making more time for yourself, make more health conscious decisions and invest in yourself.

Many of our clients have benefitted from:

  • Pain relief

  • Improved performance,

  • Better sleep,

  • Increased energy,

  • And as a result of the above, an improvement in mental state.

These benefits, to name a few, will no doubt make achieving goals a lot easier.

Spine: Posture and Performance would love to help many more of you with our groundbreaking technique Advanced BioStructural Correction™. Our aim is to take you and your body to new heights!

Hope to see you in 2022!

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