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Stuart - Chiropractor

Stuart grew up on a farm in South Africa, he grew up outdoors and playing in the mud. He always loved taking things apart and finding out how they worked as well as helping people.

After completing his Masters Degree in Chiropractic, he moved to the UK in search of more answers about how to fix the human frame, deeply and meaningfully. 

After 3 years, and many different courses, he stumbled upon Advanced Biostructural Correction™( ABC™). This technique is based solely on correcting the mechanical structure of the human frame, posture correction. This fundamentally made sense, so he pursued it. 

8 years later, he was a Certified  Level 3 ABC practitioner, Table Assistant ABC™ instructor and a the Treasurer for ABC-Europe.

He has had the opportunity of treating Professional cricketers and was contracted to work for the Rajasthan Royals at the IPL 2020 tournament.

He and his family live in Epsom and call it home. The practice, Spine: Posture and Performance, is his passion project, to bring structural healthcare to the people of borough and to the county of Surrey, for the long term.


He will also aim to bring the technique to the rest of the World through teaching and looking after elite athletes to promote the INSANELY AMAZING results of ABC™.


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